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FoxwooD Disposal is an integral part of the FoxwooD Group of Companies (FoxwooD Custom Homes, FoxwooD Storage Solutions, FoxwooD Storage Solutions, and FoxwooD Windows and Doors). We are highly experienced in of each these areas, which is why we want to be your one-stop solution for all your renovation, storage, and disposal needs. Our company was built on a foundation of hard-work, customer satisfaction, and dedication to service quality. We take great pride in being able to make things seamlesss for you and each of our customers.

We have a large inventory of 10 yard disposal bins that are available to residents and all types of businesses spanning the Greater Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas. Our clients include businesses (both large and small), construction companies, commercial and rental properties, homeowners, and renters.

Our disposal bins can be used to clear all types of materials. If you have hazardous waste and would like guidance on how to dispose of it, please let us know. We understand that renovations, waste disposal, and junk removal can be stressful, daunting, and tricky without the right resources. Count on FoxwooD Disposal to put you on the right track!

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