Construction Disposal Bin Rentals in Hamilton, Burlington, & Nearby Areas


We specialize in offering disposal bin rentals for a wide range of construction, demolition, and waste removal needs. We have many bins available for rent. Our disposal bins have no maximum duration and are our minimum rental duration is 3 days. This allows you to take your time and make the most of your bin.

Ready for all your needs

FoxwooD Disposal can dump and return the bins for you as well to remove that extra hassle. Rent one bin or rent many bins to separate your items into organized containers to make things easy. Many of our construction and landscaping clients use our bins to dispose of shingles, scrap wood, plastic, metal, debris, heavy appliances and furniture, dirt, gravel, and other materials.

Cleaned and inspected every time

Our waste bins are thoroughly inspected and sanitized between all jobs. We take this seriously as we want to ensure you can make full use of your rental bins. This is also to ensure our bins can stand up to the toughest and heaviest loads, and to make sure you and your team stays safe and are able to continue doing what you do best.

Waste Disposal Shouldn’t Be a Waste of Your Time. Book Your Bin Today!