Residential Disposal Bin Rentals in Hamilton, Burlington, & Nearby Areas


Whether you have household junk, broken appliances and furniture, or you’re in the midst of a renovation project, you are going to need somewhere to put all that stuff!

Contact FoxwooD Disposal to take care of all your disposal needs. We offer 10 yard disposal bins that can be booked for varying durations. Whether you need the bin for a day, or you need it for several days or weeks, we’ve got you covered. FoxwooD Disposal offers flexible and competitive rates as well as pick up, drop off, and dumping services. Our goal is to make things as seamless for you as possible.

Easy booking and delivery

Once you’ve provided us with your booking details, we will deliver the bin to the location of your choice. You are then free to fill up the bin as you see fit. To be safe, do not overflow your bin as this could cause items to fall or spill during transport. If you can fit and secure a tarp over the bin, then you should be good to go.

Why should I use a bin from FoxwooD Disposal?

Our bins are ideal for moves, both big and small, renovations of all types and sizes, household purges, and general cleanups as well. We offer extremely competitive rates and will even deliver the bins straight to you and pick it up whenever you are finished. Hauling junk, debris, and other unwanted goods can be stressful, costly and time consuming if you do it yourself. On top of that, it’s usually a challenge to find a vehicle (if you don’t have one already) that is suitable to do the job! Let us handle the dirty work.


Waste Disposal Shouldn’t Be a Waste of Your Time. Book Your Bin Today!