Disposal Bin Sizes & Pricing


Our sizes

12 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet high.

Our bins are 10 yards long and are strong, durable, and spacious.

Why should I choose FoxwooD Disposal?

Our bins are thoroughly and vigorously sanitized to ensure they are safe, clean, and ready for any job you may have. What helps us stand out is our attentiveness and openness to customer satisfaction and feedback, our timely delivery and pickup, and our unparalleled responsiveness. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

Disposal bin rental costs

We offer extremely competitive and affordable rates based on rental duration and location, and we are willing to accommodate special requests when able. We take great pride in our products because we want our clients to feel well taken care of. We are always available by phone, should you require assistance, and we strive to provide a satisfactory service.

  • $99+hst 3 day plus weight
  • $150+hst weekly plus weight
  • $80+hst dump & return additional
  • $15/100kg +hst is weight calculation
  • Minimum 1 metric tonne charge with each rental

Waste Disposal Shouldn’t Be a Waste of Your Time. Book Your Bin Today!